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Our Mission

When building and creating any company you must create and execute a mission. To drive that mission forward you must have committed and engaged teammates who not only have the necessary skills but also have a passion to achieve the mission every day.

“We know that always striving for perfection is a challenging goal. However, we believe that in that journey we will always be improving, delivering on our promises today and looking for ways to get better tomorrow.” Said Optimus Steel’s CEO Jim Kerkvliet.

Optimus Steel declares its mission is to outperform the steel industry in safety, value, quality, and innovation. This will be done in compliance with the values of Honesty, Responsibility, Excellence, Passion, and Teamwork, committed to fulfilling applicable regulations and laws for safety, quality, and the environment.

The values of Optimus Steel are on display by the employees and the leadership team. The leadership team has committed to providing the necessary resources to promote health, safety, high quality products, and environmental sustainability.

Embodying the core values is essential to joining the Optimus Steel team:

Honesty – Communicating and promoting safety with integrity. Acting ethically and challenging behaviors that go against the core values of the company.

Responsibility – Committing ourselves to our business in a way where everyone will benefit. Assuming the consequences of our actions. Understanding your duties and doing the best possible.

Excellence – Focusing on the continued improvement of the company, using our intuition, creativity, and perseverance. Overcome obstacles to meet goals. Proposing creative ideas or solutions to problems, challenges, and opportunities.

Passion – Giving our maximum effort for our company and taking pride in being a part of Optimus Steel. Persevere in the face of daily challenges and always searching for solutions.

Teamwork – Collaborating effectively and constructively with others for the achievement of common goals. Sharing the processes from other areas. Supporting and motivating coworkers to be better and more effective every day. Service before self.

Our Mill, Our Company!

Optimus Steel employees are responsible for building the culture of accountability where safety and well-being of our team is paramount, our products meet 100% of accepted requirements, and the environment is protected. All these responsibilities are carried out with the commitment of continuous improvement, giving our maximum effort and taking pride being part of the Optimus Steel team.