Optimus Integrated Policy

Our Vision is to enrich lives and create unforeseen opportunities for our
employees, stakeholders, and the communities that we operate in for
generations to come through the safe profitable production and commerce of
steel. We will do so in compliance with our values of Honesty, Responsibility,
Excellence, Passion and Teamwork, committed to fulfill applicable regulations
and laws for safety, quality and environmental.

The leadership team provides needed resources to promote people’s health
and safety, high-quality products, and environment sustainability.

Optimus Steel employees are responsible for building the culture of
accountability where safety and well-being of our team is paramount, our
products meet 100% of accepted requirements, and the environment is
protected. All these responsibilities are carried out with the commitment of
continuous improvement, giving our maximum effort and taking pride being
part of Optimus. #OurMill #OurCompany.

Optimus Integrated Policy Document